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Social without the Yuck

No ads, no activity feed manipulation, no political non-sense allowed. Just good ole sharing of life's rich moments and memories.

Out of Bounds

What prevents political speech at iotaJots? Simply, your commitment to do so. But, also, our Out of Bounds feature. If you stray, your family and friends might flag you as Out of Bounds. Punishable by up to 5 years of mockery by those closest to you.

No ads

No third party ads. Ever. Our customer is you, not potential advertisers who want access to your data, activity, and interests. This is why there is a minimal subscription fee to be an iotaJots member.

Family Plans

You can sign up with a paid Individual account membership. But, we also have Family accounts which allows the kiddos to partake in the fun of social networking.

Your Journey

Share your journey. You've got a great story to tell. Let everyone know.

Ambassador Program

For those interested in making some coin while they get their social on, reach out and learn more here.